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What is Open Office Concept?

Open office concept has been trending recently, but what is Open Office Concept? Let’s get into the details. Open it up ! The whole idea here is to have maximum openness in the office. The way to achieve this is to go for ultra low height partitions between two desks and ultra low height partitions[…]

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5 Elements for designing an awesome kitchen

Designing your kitchen is much more than just choosing appliances, cabinets, and a countertop. Steal these spot on designers tips to add more personality into your cooking space. Kitchen is one of the  most difficult space’s to design in residences but it will be easy when you consider function and elements and important aspect while[…]


4 Elements for designing an inspirational bathroom

Like other spaces bathroom design has changed dramatically in recent decades with good design and a good utilitarian space. Designing a good bathroom is difficult as it combines designing of elements which are comfortable for the one using it with it being functional and having a good aesthetic appearance. Here are the 4 elements for[…]


Love your bedroom by designing it with this 5 elements

An individual Bedroom is a reflection of their personality as well as their socioeconomic status, and is unique to every person. When it comes to designing your bedroom, design a space that your personality becomes a defining factor that’s a sanctuary for comfort and relaxation. Consider this 5 elements while designing your bedroom for loving[…]

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What is the average cost of home interior in Mumbai

If you’re planing to renovate your home, you need to know the basics of the costs involved in doing up your home interiors. The overall costs involved in home interior design are under the following heads: Interior designer’s / Architect’s fees: This is the fee an interior designer or Architect will charge you for preparing[…]


Which is a good location for an office in Mumbai?

Which is a good location for an office in Mumbai? Well that’s the question one has on their mind when they want to setup an office here in Mumbai. There are a few major office zones in Mumbai. Lets begin from the south of Mumbai and go northwards. Colaba, Cuffe parade: This used to be[…]

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Top 5 Office Buildings in Mumbai

1. First international finance centre   Location – BKC, Bandra. Owner / Architect – US-based National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP);Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF) About the building – Aesthetics are a main feature adding to the building’s credit. Out-straight rectangular floor plans allow easy configurations for customisation according to user configuration. The 7.5[…]


Golden Section and its application in Architecture and Design

The GOLDEN SECTION is nothing but division & further sub-division of a whole – 1, ½ ….. & so on; which induces a sense of proportion especially visually. Golden ratio is as such a concept derived from the nature where proportions make it symmetrical even in its natural form. The real beauty is when the[…]


Vaastu & feng-shui tips for Office spaces

Vastu is ancient Indian science which considered space as a living person & propagated ideas with respect to the human soul. Feng-shui is more of a nature & surrounding based science of space organisation. Office planing chart as per Vastu:   Every ancient science speaks of the science in planning & the art of organisation. Let’s[…]


Office Flooring Options

Apex projects is back with another article on office flooring to help you shape up your office space. How many types of flooring do we know? Where to use which type? What we commonly see in our homes, the residential flooring could be very different to what could be used for commercial flooring. These are[…]



  Hey there fellas!! So here we are, with another article on offices & lighting to make your lives simpler!Lighting in offices can be very different than lighting in our homes. The needs, atmosphere & usage are stark contrasts.You can experiment with the lighting levels, lighting designs & their placement. Let’s get started… #Technical stuff#[…]

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Colours to be used in offices

Ever wondered how offices will look if you painted the walls with bright reds,deep blues & intoxicating indigos? That day isn’t far!! This time we’ll show you some stunning ways you make your office walls your colouring book & stun people. Government offices always coloured in some faded blue/green/white are so serious & scary, isn’t[…]

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Modular Furniture in Offices

MODULAR FURNITURE IN OFFICES!! OFFICES?! Don’t they sound boring & tiring? We here at APEX PROJECTS are going to help you change that notion of the CONTEMPORARY OFFICE DESIGN! Changing times are changing the ways of working cultures. Open Offices have become the ‘IT’ thing these days… It is necessary to determine the type of work force &[…]

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Featured Architect – Anupama Kundoo

Anupama Kundoo, born in 1967 in Pune is amongst one of India’s famous Architects. She started her practice in 1990. Most of her work which got public attention was done in Auroville where she experimented with new styles and methods of construction using locally available material and labour. She has created some amazing structures using[…]


Awesome Stuff for your home – My Pick

Admission: I love Urban Ladder and the stuff they design and sell. So much so that i can design an entire apartment only with the furniture they sell online! While designing my own house i was looking at some stuff from their website and thought of putting together this post. Their awesome stuff – my[…]