5 Elements for a superstar living room

Trends come and go but what remains is eternal sense, style and personality of the people who reside in that space, it is important to mould your living areas into your personality.

Living Rooms are often the centre of our social life, a place where we can have chats or welcome guests or just spend some quality time.

Here are the 5 elements that’ll turn your living room into a Superstar.



Its not just about choosing the furniture or the colour, its about the theme and arrangement that gets induced as a result of several elements mixed together to strike a balance with each other.

A good and comfortable sitting arrangement instantly creates a space you would like to be with your family and welcome others to the space.


Cofee table, side table are an important aspect of living area it even serves the main showcase of living area and even serves a number of purposes is placed on the right place.

With different look, style and colour coffee table and side table makes function of the area easy and comfortable.


Good Accessories can transform any space but accessories in living area reflects the personality and the social life of the members residing in that space.

Even the smallest elements help to transform the décor and with a good arrangement it makes your space more functional and welcoming.

4.Experimenting with colours:


Colours with paint, materials or accessories  defines the taste and liking of the members residing in that family with look and concept of it.

Having a colour scheme which is soothing in the living area according to family members make them stay comfortable and welcoming for the guests.



Impact lighting helps in enhancing  the look and can compliment the décor and style of the living area if been placed in the right and good way .

Having and impact lighting helps in enhancing the aesthetic value of the living area and welcomes the living members and guest to spend quality time together.

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