5 Elements for designing an awesome kitchen

Designing your kitchen is much more than just choosing appliances, cabinets, and a countertop. Steal these spot on designers tips to add more personality into your cooking space.

Kitchen is one of the  most difficult space’s to design in residences but it will be easy when you consider function and elements and important aspect while designing a kitchen.

Here are the 5 elements for designing an awesome kitchen:

1.Island platforms:


From adding more counter space to additional seating kitchen island serves a number of purposes.

In addition to being a visual anchor in the space this kitchen island  is helping to increase the kitchen’s functionality and efficiency, keep it simple by adding value to your kitchen by using a island platform.

2.Breakfast counter:

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From a counter to sit and have small meals simultaneously treating it as an extra counter space or a serving counter, breakfast counters serves a number of purposes.

Breakfast counter is simple while adding value to its design and functionality as small meals can be served as well as simultaneously  can be used by preparing food.

3.Creative storage ideas :


Creative storage with a good  design and function serves from banishing kitchen clutter and make the preparation of meal easy.

Creative storage makes the function of kitchen easy and also reduces the kitchen clutter and makes the arrangement of storage easy and adds a good value to the aesthetics of the kitchen.

4.Serving counter:


From efficiently serving food or to be considered as a dry counter or to be adding more counter space serving counter serves a number of purposes.

serving counter adds a good aesthetic value to the design with a good function which will reduce the clutter and increase efficiency of kitchen.

5.L – Shape platforms:


L- shaped platforms in kitchen is the most adaptable kitchen layout as it makes the process of cooking and cleaning easier with less flow of foot traffic  and no obstacles in work flow.

L- shape arrangement offers more flexibility with its separated zones one for clean up zone and other for stove and other purposes these designs helps avoid collision between household members.

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