Golden Section and its application in Architecture and Design

The GOLDEN SECTION is nothing but division & further sub-division of a whole – 1, ½ ….. & so on; which induces a sense of proportion especially visually. Golden ratio is as such a concept derived from the nature where proportions make it symmetrical even in its natural form. The real beauty is when the[…]

Venice Biennale

Featured Architect – Anupama Kundoo

Anupama Kundoo, born in 1967 in Pune is amongst one of India’s famous Architects. She started her practice in 1990. Most of her work which got public attention was done in Auroville where she experimented with new styles and methods of construction using locally available material and labour. She has created some amazing structures using[…]


Convention Center – Jaipur

The fast growing fascinating city of Jaipur inspired the facility’s design to a great extent. The convention center is designed to share the uber-growth of the city by giving it a modern landmark depicting the tremendous growth and business opportunities this colourful and rich city is offering. The proposed convention center at the University of[…]