Office Flooring Options

Apex projects is back with another article on office flooring to help you shape up your office space.

How many types of flooring do we know? Where to use which type?

What we commonly see in our homes, the residential flooring could be very different to what could be used for commercial flooring.witanddelight.com1

These are the types of flooring materials one could use.

1. Ceramic tiles/Stone tiles

The common tiles that we use everywhere. These come in wide range of shades, patterns & grains. You could opt for natural stone tiles which are a heavier option…..both in weight & cash.· Carpets & carpet tiles

These are suitable for office desk areas where in there is lesser footfall as compared to the common areas. It is more of a warm & dry application option. Involves less maintenance & more of comfort.

· Vinyl & plank flooring

Vinyl flooring is fully synthetic polymer flooring options…….i.e. in simpler words it’s a synthetic non-porous flexible flooring material. Easy to handle & smooth to apply.


2. Rubber floorscoloradoproflooring.com1

Very similar to vinyl flooring in terms of flexibility & application. Being rubber, it generates lot of heat through usage friction & there are chances of easy wear & tear.

3. Wooden flooring

Cosy & rich finish…..wooden flooring these days have become lot more of a fashion & status statement than purpose serving.

In tropical country like ours we use laminates to give the look & save on cash.

4. Environmental friendly options – cork or bamboo flooring

These being natural materials are good heat & sound insulators.molotilo.com1

They handle a part of your acoustical treatment which would otherwise be extra. These are best suited for places like conference room where acoustical treatment is a must. Also these are harder than the hardwood variants & also stain resistant.


5. Epoxy concrete flooring

Ever seen those glossy shine finish floorings & fascinated having one?! Those are epoxy concrete floorings & their variants.

These flooring are advisable in regions where the workers/employees walk barefoot for it is more comfortable barefoot. For grip, textures & patterns could be carved out.

Here are some companies offering solutions :-

  • Premier flooring solutions, UK
  • Gerflor
  • Access floor, UK.
  • Itec floors. etc…

There are a lot more variations you could do by combining two flooring materials…..segregating areas by having different flooring. Do you know that the way spaces are planned is the way people mentally adapt & behave?! Some spaces may have footwear restriction while others may have people restriction itself. Choose your material wisely & let your choice shape the behavior of your employees.

Select your flooring type by looks & requirement. Customize it according to your taste & let your floors transform your interiors!!