Colours to be used in offices

Ever wondered how offices will look if you painted the walls with bright reds, deep blues & intoxicating indigos?

That day isn’t far!! This time we’ll show you some stunning ways you make your office walls your colouring book & stun people.
Government offices always coloured in some faded blue/green/white are so serious & scary, isn’t it? Some high-end offices don’t even take the pains of doing any of this…..they just maintain the original look of the structure with glass & steel maybe & make it look like a  #MACHINE_HOUSE#

First of, select some colours, patterns & decide where to put them!                                                        

Asian paints, Dulux & many other companies provide apps for doing the same. Or you can visit their outlet & ask for their expertise!!!

So now you know the insider tricks for choosing the perfect colour without actually putting on the colour [for those of you who didn’t know] it’s just a click away!!

The look that you would want to adopt in your office is entirely up to one’s choice depending upon – kind of work that happens, people  who work etc.!

Why I’m mentioning this is so that you don’t interchange colours! For instance, if you paint up a rainbow in your conference room it may  become more of a casual place & the purpose of having a segregated room is lost!

Let’s check out some design ideas…..make mistakes & learn of course!!

behnace.net1 Try using some patterns in the colours!! This will make having colours even more fun! Let your space define your colours & interiors derive patterns out of them….

                                #RAINBOW_OFFICES ** imagine working in such spaces!! <3  Work is going to seem fun & you will be charged all day round!

Note- notice how the area of work-desks is in some sober colour & only ‘non-work spaces’ have been coloured? This is because bright colours can distract people while trying to concentrate.designboom.com1

Lobbies, canteens & waiting rooms can adorn such dark or loud colours for you don’t need a specific work ambiance in there. On the contrary these colours will help relax & cheer up your brain during the short breaks!! You can choose to have a #CONVENTIONAL-WHITE & still make your office look colourful. Like I wrote earlier that to maintain a particular ambiance certain spaces clip_image010[12]need to have sober colours,

you can still manage to blend it in with the colourful exteriors to make it seem ‘LESS WHITE’!




“Choose your colours wisely, make your office fun!”