Office Design Basics

If you read all of our previous articles, you’d know how precisely to engineer each space with its parameters….well if you haven’t, then please do.

Today, here we’ll see a cumulative summary of all those & a little more; probably take an inspiration from the best – have a look at the spaces from some of the world’s best offices.

clip_image001 #WORKER_SPACE -Un-conventional spaces with multi-use not only makes things better but also boost productivity & interest. Try to make these space as open & communicable as possible. Casual is the New Cool & this is the mantra that’ll make them hail you as the ‘Best Boss’!

clip_image001[1] CABINS- While designing the cabins, since they are totally enclosed & isolated from the rest of the office, indulge in some isolated relaxing elements like – greens & colours to make your boring life & work a little better.

clip_image001[2] ‘The CRASH CORNER’- No matter how big or small your office is, make sure to make one small space for crashing & taking breaks; it may be just a private lounge for sipping coffee or maybe a small reading nook to read out your woes…. All the big shot companies concentrate on the designing of these relaxing areas more than the working space for the more you are calm the more efficiently you work!

clip_image001[3] LOBBY- Always make it a point to separate the work desk area from the lobby or visitor’s area. In big offices you could afford the space, while in small ones a partition should do the job.

clip_image001[4] CONFERENCE ROOM-If you gone through our last article on ‘Conference room-a guide to the inside’ you’d probably know the best ways to handle it…..if not then go & read it right away.

clip_image001[5] CAFÉ- Last but not the least, who doesn’t like to sip coffee or tea in peace?! Isolating this area again from the workspace is a important….. Also doing it elaborately isn’t a necessary thing but doing it efficiently & adequately is must!


IMAGES >> MeUndies’ Super Cool Los Angeles Office, PDG Melbourne Head Office by Studio Tate, Gallery of Yuanyang Express We+ Co-working Space aka MAT Office, Github – San Francisco Headquarters by FENNIE+MEHL Architects and Studio Hatch

Having spoken about the various areas we have already discussed in detail in our previous articles, some other essential factors should always be in your mind!

clip_image001[6] LIGHTING – adequate & ample; but glare-free.

clip_image001[7] VENTILATION – natural or artificial; keep it an affair that wouldn’t interfere with the working.

clip_image001[8] COLOURS – always keep a medium tone of colours that meet the eye…….too much dull will cause gloom & too bright is always a distraction!

clip_image001[9] GREENS – like we recommend always, having greens within your space makes the concrete look less deadly!

clip_image001[10] MATERIALS – always choose material & furniture that require less maintenance, meet your expectations in looks & use & do not pose a difficulty to the user or the environment.

Now here are some more great office designs to impress your soul & inspire your mind….

clip_image009 clip_image011clip_image010

IMAGE COURTESY –Airbnb-international headquarters in Dublin , & Contemporary office designed by SNKH Architectural Studio

This was it for a cumulative summary on ‘How & What to’, while designing an office space & we hope you did benefit at least a little from our efforts put forth…..

Have a great day & look forward to more writing Smile