Un-dividing the Space- PARTITIONS!

Any space is mainly defined by its planning, which decides movement of people, placement of furniture etc. etc.Gone are the days of “BOX OFFICES” & fixed desks. Today, everything is about portable work-space & open planning i.e. a blank space sans walls which is then designed according to the users uDSC_0245-1024x685sing partitions (temporary or permanent).

So today we’ll be viewing & reviewing some partitions & dividers that you could use too!


Glass partitions are the most common that are in use today. The main advantage of using one is the illusion of one combined large space that it creates despite dividing the space. Flexibility in the kind of usage gives you an advantage too. It can be put to use as a work desk space-separator or for diving spaces all-together creating rooms.

sydney design studio 'Sibling'Some fun experiments can be done to make these dividers more fun! For instance, this project by Sydney Design Studio called the ‘Sibling’ puts to use a very interesting aspect of grids. They have created niches with customised metal grid to give the effect of an grid-encasing & have put up some greenery on these as well. Intriguing to watch & interesting to feel!


Have you ever considered partitions by curtains/fabric/ sheets? If its just the space you want to divide why not do it in style. Depending on the purpose of course, if the space just needs a visual division that may not be accompanied by acoustics & privacy, this a fab option to rejoice. Colourful, Bold & Beautiful.

This project by Studio O+A, uses fabric roofing & sheet partitions to create a hangout space within the bustling busy office space!                                                                    PROJECT BY STUDIO O+A>>Studio O A, o-plus-a.com1

park hyatt, SeoulIn case of waiting areas, the best thing to adopt would be partitions with works of art. Either make the partition a real piece of art or use a carved one. This partition from Park Hyatt, Seoul makes a grand yet serene impression. Play of light & shadows; divided yet transparent!

There are plenty of options & ideas to work on when it comes to partitioning. Some have even put green walls to a better use in the interiors, this way. Some projects put up wooden dividers so unique, they are no less than pieces of pure art & function. Check this out- ‘One Size’ by Origin Architects.

‘ONE SIZE’ BY ORIGIN ARCHITECTS>>one size, by origin architects

So lot of vague & interesting ideas to look up to next time you think of partitions!